I had my first Covid Wedding Shoot on October 2nd 2021. I was contacted by Emily on June 26th through my Facebook Page asking if I could give them some prices on what packages I offer for Weddings. I referred her to my website where I have my Wedding Packages and she said thank you very much and that she would keep in touch,  she messaged me the very next day asking if I was free on 2/10/2021, I of course said that I was. Due to Covid and the rules changes she wanted to book me in as their venue and priest were free that day, with only a small possibility of it changing.

She had told me she was excited and that she loves my photos especially the Norah Head & Soldiers Beach ones as I do visit those places quite alot. They were wanting to get their photos taken there, which I was more then happy to do as I have been wanting to photograph a Wedding in those areas.

August 29th – Emily had messaged me with the announcement that Weddings were now able to happen with guests of 5 (not including Priests, Photographers and the people that are needed there etc). She was wondering if I was still comfortable to come take snap shots of the Ceremony & the immediate family that would be there after the Ceremony. As not everyone could come and they would have to have the reception on another day, they were trying to work out if they would need to discuss alternate options for the photographer.

I had of course seen the news and that I was more than okay to take the photographs for them as I would be fully vaccinated before the day of their Wedding I felt more comfortable leaving my house. I told them I would be fine on having the shoots on different days and to just let me know so I can keep those dates free. As they had people from Sydney & Newcastle in the Bridal Party they were unfortunately not able to come until they are out of isolation.

September 29th- We had set up a time to have a phone call just to go over everything that would be happening on their Wedding. Then something that everyone would get worried about happened.. the weather, it had started to rain and would also be raining on the day of the Wedding. So they had a backup location incase which would have been at St Mary MacKillop Warnervale.
As the Wedding was from 12:30pm, they decided to bring the Ceremony forward to 9:30am instead as the weather would be fine at that time (which lucky for us it was perfect).

From there we were working on what area we wanted to go to after the Ceremony which was at a lovely little area Cliff Street Lookout, Norah Head. I had told them I was thinking we could go to Norah Head Lighthouse as we could get some lovely photos there plus down at the rocks aswell. Unfortunately I worked out when I drove past that the gate to the lighthouse was shut, so I gave Emily a text and we decided to check out Soldiers Beach instead, while it was busy we did manage to find a packing spot.

I would like to thank everyone who helped make this wedding possible;

Setup: Stephanie, Karen & Danielle
Hire of arbour & chairs: Kazelle Fancy Dress
Signage/Ring Box: Emily Aquilina Design
Priest: Fr Philip Thottam from St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Catholic Parish
Cookies: Sugarfix Co
Car: Alfred